Ashley McGovern

Barre, Cardio

Ashley McGovern

Ashely has taught barre for six years, three of those years have been with our community. She got her start as a sophomore in college at Purdue University. At the time, she had only taken a handful of barre classes at a boutique barre studio and instantly fell in love.

She fell in love not only because of the movements and flow of the class but the movements and journey that came along with barre outside of the studio walls.

She currently works for a tech startup, Realync, a virtual leasing and engagement platform for multifamily communities, in Indianapolis. Her favorite hobby is traveling and trying a new fitness studio with her boyfriend, Noah.

“Barre is a ripple effect—it allows clients, instructors, and studio owners to transform lives beyond the studio walls. Instructors get to empower clients to live healthier lives not only at the studio but in everyday activities and that could mean a short walk or 10-minutes of meditation; it doesn’t have to be barre. Barre has taught me to keep moving even when times get tough. And it’s had the same impact on so many of our clients. I love how our community is always up for a challenge, and they take risks with their barre moves (especially with non-traditional classes at our studio). I love how all of our instructors innovate and have their own style of instructing. As instructors, I believe we empower one another. What’s unique about our studio? Ellen has allowed her instructors to keep up with fitness trends and encourage us to keep moving and innovating the barre method.”