Julie Lamb

Julie started attending Barre Ripple classes in the fall of 2021 when a friend recommended the studio. She instantly fell in love with community and movement! Julie has always loved health and fitness, but was intrigued by the focus on proper alignment and small muscles movements. She loved the challenge of every move and how it inspired her to persevere through hard things in other areas of life.  

Shortly after joining the studio, Julie was asked to help in the kids room where she fell even more in love with the people at Barre Ripple. With her love of the community, movement, and passion for teaching, she was encouraged to begin teaching at the studio!  Now she is bringing her infectious positive energy to the Barre Room with perfectly balanced barre classes!

Julie was born and raised in central Indiana and is married to her high school sweetheart. In her free time you can find her walking her dog, spending time with friends, reading a good book, or hanging out at the studio.