Barre, Cycle

Margie Kreutz

Margie took her first Barre class here in 2014 when one of my best friends asked her to join. As an avid fitness participant (but never an instructor) for all of her life including dance, boot camp, weight lifting, running and aerobics, she fell in love with my very first Barre class and decided to become certified so that she could share this passion of Barre with others.

She had never participated in a fitness practice like Barre where the focus is on proper alignment of the body, the muscle group being worked, and then the challenge of added movement. She loved how using slow, precise movements, with time under tension, the body responds with lengthened, strong and lean muscles, healthy joints, increased flexibility, a stronger core and a happy spine.

Margie was born in Carmel, Indiana, grew up in Clinton, New Jersey, but came back to Indy to attend Butler University. She lives downtown on the Canal with her husband Jose and daughter Jackie. Together they have 5 kids – 1 son and 4 daughters. Outside of teaching and working, Margie has also started a new venture: a blog called 50 Finding Fabulous….to explore, share, and talk with others about what life is like after 50.

Find her on Facebook or follow her on Instagram @50findingfablous15.

“Although I have a full time corporate career, with a high level of stress and demand, my entire energy shifts the minute I walk in the studio, where I am welcomed, loved and appreciated. Through this studio, I have made some of my very best friends; friends I wasn’t even looking for but am truly grateful to have in my life. I try to give all the love, encouragement, acknowledgement and motivation I can when I teach my classes and the reward is beyond amazing.”